Listening and Speaking – Father Thomas Nsubuga

By Father Thomas Nsubuga This morning, I would like to draw your attention to our first lesson in 1 Samuel 3. In his comments on this text, Dr. Luke Powery says that the prophet Samuel affirms that prayerful listening leads to prophetic proclamation, that our silence and service are intertwined and that we must always… Continue reading Listening and Speaking – Father Thomas Nsubuga


I once listened to a friend give a short spiritual auto-biography. He was the proverbial “man in full” – The Southern Edition. Good looking.  Charming.  Good company and fun for both men and women.  Beautiful wife and two lovely children.  From a family line whose name you would recognize if you lived in the environs… Continue reading Citizenship

Emmanuel – Takes One to know one

The Story of the Nativity: Christmas Paintings by Illustrator Michael Dudash Fifty years ago on this very night, John McCain was a prisoner of war in Viet Nam.  During the 2008 presidential race, John McCain was asked by Time magazine to share his "personal journey of faith." In his article McCain shared a powerful story… Continue reading Emmanuel – Takes One to know one

William Faulkner and Holy Living and Holy Dying

Since we stay not here, being people but of a day’s abode, and our age is like that of a fly and contemporary with a gourd, we must look somewhere else for an abiding city, a place in another country to fix our house in, whose walls and foundation is God, where we must find… Continue reading William Faulkner and Holy Living and Holy Dying

Unlocked Only From The Outside

One of the old saints of the Church - St. John of the Cross - once said of Advent, "The Heavens are Rumbling during Advent . . . but not for us.”  That can be a bit of shock during this season, hearing the words, “Its not about you.  It really never was about you.” Coincidentally it is… Continue reading Unlocked Only From The Outside