Christian Apologetics – Why Christ?

cslewis apologetics course

Have you ever found yourself in a group, attending a gathering, or visiting with a friend who has questioned your faith in Christ and you have not known what to say?

Have you ever left a conversation with a loved one and wished that you had been able to explain more of the Christian faith to them?  Perhaps a child, grandchild, or friend?

A formative experience I recall from college is being given the opportunity to answer for my Christian faith in the midst of classrooms where faith of any sort was regarded as weakness.  There was no anger, no overt hostility, simply a mild and cloying disgust with those interrupting the program of progressive materialism and politics.  I have never been one to shrink from giving an answer . . . even a wrong one . . . when being pressed or made to think I am a fool for believing in God.  These college trials lead me to read in the classical Christian discipline of apologetics.  They also strengthened my sense that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

Over the next few months at St. Mark’s I will be leading a class with discussion about Christian Apologetics in the modern world.  It is based on the work of Ravi Zacharias, and the Oxford Center for Apologetics – which I was able to visit this past summer during our choir trip to England.  The class will be video, lecture, and conversation.

Join a group of people who will be looking into the Why? of Jesus Christ in the modern world.

We will meet in room 101 of the Ministry Center at 9.30 am, following Sunday Coffee in the parlor.  Please contact me if you have any questions

Blessings and Godspeed, Alston

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