Steve Reich – An Intersection

This is simply a gesture of inspiration and appreciation for the music of someone who has been a journey partner throughout my life as a student and preacher. When I was young I was drawn to music and played around with a few instruments – piano, drums, trumpet, guitar, and banjo. Rhythm is the great hook in all music for me. I honestly would rather listen and play certain kinds of music than eat most of the time.

When my future began to depend upon taking exams and writing very long term papers, I turned to music as a way to “help the medicine go down.” I am not sure how or when, but I began to discover music outside the mainstream, perhaps through discovering the fusion jazz of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays {God rest his soul}; thanks to the suggestion of my friend Father Bryan Owen. From there doors opened into all sorts of minimalist composers and a fascination of how many of them were philosophy students who morphed into composers.

I cannot count the hours I have listened to Steve Reich’s “Drumming” while writing term papers, theology papers, sermons, devotionals, presentations, etc. There is a centering and grounding for someone like me in the pace, repetition, and slow modulations that take place over the course of this piece. Although it is not a music for everyone; for some, it will be a kind of food for the soul, mind, and body. I hope you enjoy.

Blessings and Godspeed,


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