A Mustard Seed

For various reasons over the past few years I have become interested in the story of the nation of Israel, and the story of the Jews during those alarming decades of the twenties, thirties, and forties in Europe. The situation faced by Jewish families in Poland, Germany, parts of Russian and other nations, is something that I believe very few of us could ever truly imagine; it is a horror of Biblical proportions, undertaken by a culture claiming the aesthitic and idealistic heights of Western Culture. The Holocaust is always a reminder to me of how completely blind and violent human behavior can become beneath the force of an unmitigated pride and hubris of self-aggrandizement, and essentially Godlessness.

Not wanting to preach a sermon right now, I am thoroughly inspired by the example of individuals like Sir Nicholas Winton; who simply acted upon his own conscience, and thereby changed the course of the world by making a simple, personal, decision to swim against a prevailing tide. His decision to maintain a deep humanity in the face of prevailing social winds changed the lives of thousands. I hope that you will find his story an inspiration as well.

Blessings and Godspeed,


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