Marie Kalmbach Journal

Hey Alston and St. Mark’s friends, 
Latest updates:  link to Marie‘s journal 
Sorry to be out of touch for a month!  I lost my cell phone in the hospital bed linens the night I left, Feb. 9th. 
Healing up from the blood infection was very uneven, then there was a week of being a Polar Pioneer.
Last week, I finally returned to school and had LOTS of catching up to do. 
The gifts and prayers offered during my time of need were all VERY MUCH appreciated. 
Feeling a little foggy-headed these days, but much, much better.
I was able to reconnect my cell phone number to my old Droid Maxx 2 phone, so I can receive text messages again. 
Thank you all for EVERYTHING! πŸ’Ÿ
Much love

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