St Mark’s Lenten Meditations From Our Members

Second Sunday in Lent

Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18     Psalm 27      Philippians 3:17-4:1        Luke 13:31-35 

“Go tell that fox that I will keep on casting out demons and healing people today and tomorrow; and the third day I will accomplish my purpose.” Luke 13:32

Jesus is unshaken by the Pharisees warning of Herod’s plan to kill him. He is well aware that his sole purpose is to sacrifice his life out of obedience to his Father and to save all of humanity. He is ready to face an unpleasant death because he knows he can trust his Father’s plan. His end-of-life preparations include spreading the message of God’s unfailing love and mercy instead of getting his financial affairs in order or wondering what the apostles will say at his memorial service. He faces death with confidence, knowing he has given his best effort, “fought the good fight” as Paul would say. 

When I think of Jesus having to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, I often feel sorry for him and wish there were some other way for us to gain salvation. In studying this passage, I have realized that we often view evil things that occur in our daily lives – illness, tragedy, death of someone too young, as Satan’s influence on the world. However, God is sovereign over all things, good and evil. He uses everyday frustrations, heartbreak, and even our darkest moments to remind us of our mortality and give us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and more about Him. We can focus our thoughts on what has been “done to us” or can shift that focus to what has been “done through us.” We have an opportunity to grow closer to family, friends, and sometimes even strangers who help us through difficult times.  An attitude of gratitude can make life more enjoyable and possibly even change a once negative outcome to an opportunity to witness God providing the life of abundance he has promised each of us.

Casey Payne

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