Lent Week 3—Thursday
Psalm 43 Gen. 46:1-7, 28-34 1Corinthians 9: 1-15 Mark 6: 30-46
The Psalm appointed for today pleads with God “and defend my cause against an
ungodly people”. And the psalm expresses “you are the God of my strength”. Psalm 43 also asks “That I may go to the altar of God to the God of my joy and gladness…”. As the psalm ends “Put your trust in God for I will yet give thanks to Him”.

I especially love Mark 6: 30-46. Jesus asks His apostles to come away to a deserted
place and rest awhile. Many people were coming and going and Jesus and his apostles had no time to eat or to rest. Jesus and his apostles went into a boat to simply eat and rest. When Jesus and his apostles disembarked from the boat Jesus was moved with pity for all the people who gathered to hear Him. “They were like sheep without a shepherd and Jesus began to teach them many things”. Now it was late and his apostles asked Jesus to send them to surrounding farms and villages to buy some food to eat. Jesus did not wish to send the many people away.

Jesus asked His apostles how many loaves and fish do you have? The apostles went out and asked the massive crowd. They reported to Jesus we have five loaves and two fish. So, Jesus asked His apostles to have the people sit down on the grass. And Jesus blessed the loaves and fish and asked the apostles to distribute the food to at least 5,000 persons! This gospel story us Jesus, the Son of God will take care of all of us-our physical lives and our spiritual lives. As Psalm 43 ends “Put your trust in God…”. And the gospel of Mark ends Jesus will take care of all of us! Thanks be to God!

-Marybeth O. McVie

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