St Mark’s Lenten Thoughts, Monday In The Second Week of Lent

Lent Week Two—Monday

Psalm 56 Jeremiah 1:11-19 Romans 1:1-15 John 4:27-42

While reading Psalm 56, we talked about our fears and how to trust in God to ease those fears. Our EYC kids shared their fears with each other including stage fright, gun violence, and bad weather. The reading reminds us to trust in God especially at times when we are afraid. Our EYC kids admitted that oftentimes when we are in an uncomfortable situation, we might react poorly to try to hide our fears.

We might laugh or make jokes to make other people laugh. We might shy away or even become reserved and upset, but we should pray! Especially during times that we are fearful or uncomfortable, we are reminded that we should turn to the Lord in these times and put our trust and faith in Him. What happens here on Earth is nothing compared to what is waiting for us in His Eternal Kingdom.

We then turned to the Romans reading where we explored what it meant to share God’s word. Our EYC kids expressed that they are fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family who already know who the Lord is. They were honest in admitting that they didn’t feel like they have had the change to share God’s word with people around them so we explored the thought that maybe our job is to share and often remind people of God’s message. Many of us know who the Lord is, but we still make mistakes and we still sin. We must remind ourselves and each other every day what God’s message is and how he wants us to live our lives together. We can pray for each other, listen to one another, and mainly share kindness and love by treating others with the love God has for us.

-St. Mark’s EYC

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