St Mark’s Lenten Thoughts, Tuesday in the Third Week of Lent

Lent Week Three—Tuesday

Psalm 78:1-39 Jeremiah 7:21-34 Romans 4:13-25 John 7:37-52

Once upon a time, a long time ago, my eldest came skipping in from school to announce, “I’m God’s chosen Child”! Try to respond to that one. During the discussion of what she had learned in school that day I discovered Father Sykes had given her that information in Religion class. They were surely discussing today’s lessons as our conversation clearly revealed. When I asked her if was easier to mind God than it was to do what I asked her to do, she responded that God didn’t care about silly stuff like making her bed or cleaning her room, just the big things like being nice to people, loving Jesus and all that. Her take away was as long as she followed the first great commandment, she was golden. It surprises us sometimes, as adults, the simple truth and understanding of children is spot on. The fact is if we follow God, honor and obey his word, we are God’s chosen people.

These stories we read today tell us not only of the wrath of a vengeful God but of the caring and generously of a loving father. When the people of God cried out for bread, he sent them manna from heaven. When they cried out for meat he showered them with flesh and hordes of birds. Having already brought forth water from stone he gave them everything they needed to sustain life. Still, they disobeyed him. We are told of the terrible discipline that befell them. We are also told of the great battles that are won and the rewards bestowed on those who follow his commands.

This is truly how we become the chosen. As my young child explained to me, we are all a family of Abraham’s children when we mind God. He only chooses children who believe in him. So, if you too want to be God’s chosen child, it’s pretty simple what you need to do.

-Lynn Poole

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