St. Mark’s Lenten Meditations From Our Members

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Joshua 5:9-12         Psalm 32       2 Corinthians 5:16-21     Luke 15:1-3,11b-32

The youth gathered during EYC to read together and discuss their thoughts and reflections on the readings.  We started with Psalm 32 where we talked about prayer and sin and the forgiveness of our sins from our Lord.  We all feel guilty after we sin which is a bad feeling.  However, after we confess our sins and God forgives us we feel peaceful, relieved, free, good, happy, and loved.  It is hard to admit that you made a mistake or did something wrong, but once you put it out there for the Lord and recognize and acknowledge your sins you are reminded that you are loved and you hope to not make the same mistake in the future.  We talked about prayer and admitted that we normally pray when we have a bad day or are worried, stressed, in need, helpless, or asking for guidance.  We reminded ourselves that while we rely on God during our hard times, it is important to thank and praise him during our good times.  In the 2 Corinthians reading we were reminded that if Christ is in us we are new.  We are born again.  When Jesus died on the cross, he did it for us.  He did it for our sins.  In the final Luke reading, we read the story of the younger son who sinned against his father, but was rewarded after he confessed his sins and begged for forgiveness.  At first, we sided with the older brother who was upset for being overlooked for his constant loyalty, but we further evaluated that the admit to sin and forgiveness is a feeling of new life and taking that weight off of your shoulders is something to celebrate.  God loves each of us and forgives all of us for our sins while we live our life following in His path.

St. Mark’s EYC

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